Sep 15, 2010

STYLE IT: she nailed it

if you don't know her, you should: juicystar07.

she of the haul video fame (over 7 million channel views on youtube!) is also known as blair fowler hailing from tennessee.

at the ripe old age of 17, she has great on-camera presence + teen-perfected style.

(side note, she was even been treated to many fashion week events this year via sponsor maybelline + cbs. a self-professed makeup junkie, she has even applied makeup backstage at #nyfw as has the distinction of the youngest "makeup artist" to be backstage yet. she does note in one of her videos, however, that she loves fashion and beauty and "makeup artist" is how they categorized her...gotta love her candor. good for her!)

for her official channel on youtube, click here.

anyway, i was struck by her ingenuity in going to a beauty supply shop to buy nail sets that she then adorned with polish she owns. (very on trend for spring 2011....).

too bad, you can't do the same with house paint!

note it:

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