Sep 8, 2010

STYLE IT: horsin' around

if you follow my blog then you know that i'm obsessed with all things anthropologie. have been for many years...seriously addicted.

anyway, this image taken from the september catalog made me many images do in every catalog i save.

i immediately thought of sloane crosley's pony collection from "i was told there'd be cake." (might i add, a hilarious collection of essays about the misadventures of a 20-something gal in nyc) and the equestrian décor post i wrote a year ago. reminds me of my house in "horse country" (well, the closest thing to it anyway). and, this $28 horse knocker i recently found. i think it would be fun on any door - bedroom, bath, porch, wherever.

then, i noticed the cute pink + white scottie dogs' sweater (which i tried on in-store, by the way). in lieu of a sweater purchase (although i may buy it yet), id love to make these patchwork scottie pillows from denyse schmidt. if only i could sew....the pattern is free!

last, i want to say that i'm glad brass is back!

i feel nostalgic....

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