Sep 22, 2010

GREEN IT- flora "grabb"

i'd like to suggest that flora grubb be renamed flora "grabb." i wanted to snatch up everything in the place!

an amazing landscape shop / garden center in san francisco, flora grubb is definitely a trendsetter. chock full of gorgeous plants, palms + succulents, the beauty of this place is in the design itself. ideas are ripe for the picking. little vignettes - color-coded at that - set the tone amid various "found objects," like this old car.

delight is found at every turn!

(word has it that urban outfitters' "terrain" in phillie models flora's digs....).

even though i am without a proper plot to landscape, i did not leave empty handed. i purchased on one of these lovely one-of-a-kind handmade striped glazed pots. each pot is numbered + created by hand in los angeles by esther pottery.

i then plopped a tillandsia inside. (such a cool bromeliad - click here.)

in the last week, i've "checked" into this place twice. i aim to become mayor + sell the merits of sustainable landscaping to the masses. (yep, foursquare, i'm talkin' to you...).

note it:

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