Aug 13, 2010

HUE: that's hot!

it started with this ad....

love the walls.

love the kiss.

and then kept seeing this color combination EVERYWHERE...all in the same day.

so i scanned what i found.

and i think, this royal-ish blue, fuchsia, bubblegum pink combo tempered with pure white and silver is pretty darn fun!

feels a bit african. world vibe.

feels HOT!!!

like summer just won't end.

and, why should it?

note it:
"waka, waka" by shakira ("this time for africa," official song of the fifa world cup)

p.s. glidden, ad maven in me feels that it would have been helpful if you had included - somewhere in tiny mouse type - the color of pink you used on the walls in your print ad. how else can consumers shop for it?

(photo credit: glidden ad-photo 1; anthropologie wallpaper-photo2; nest-photo 3; sarah magid-photo 4/5)

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