Aug 30, 2010

GREEN IT: rubie green (part 2)

i think everyone should repurpose, repaint + reupholster. thifty and can be very chic.

especially if you choose eco-friendly rubie green. the fun part about rubie's textiles: you can purchase a $2 fabric swatch before ordering. makes redecorating that much easier.

here a few more of my faves:

~ "Jackie"(leopard print) - Altering both history and the runway, Jackie was sophisticated but never pretentious, and classic but never dowdy. Her presence was iconic, her grace immaculate, her name eternally respected. And her style, without fault, forever timeless.
~ "Mary" (zebra print in black + natural) - Mary knows design. Mary knows trends. She's your mother's friend who spoke to you like an adult, and asked if you wanted coffee with your eggs. Her home's décor held a breathless awe, flawless and admirable, classic and chic. Both her style and advice were impeccable, her nature selfless, and her energy contagiously vivacious.

~ "Marilyn" (rose motif) - Marilyn's pride glows most immeasurably in the presence of her three grown boys. The layers of her life can be traced in the creases above her brow, yet her vibrancy shines the brightest. She is the woman who lends inspiration to all; she is Rubie's grandma.

i would like to invite all of these ladies over for tea....don't you?

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