Jul 2, 2010

JUST DO IT: pin it forward

today is my "pin it forward" day, a post based on a score of mega-pinning that began on may 24.

what is "pinning," you ask?

conceived by the always inspiring + uber stylish victoria smith of sfgirlbybay, “pin it forward” is a place where 300 creatively minded people conspired to share thoughts on “what home means to me” by pinning images they love via pinterest, a new + free bookmarking site.

over the last few weeks, it has been really fun to see what motivates such talented people as well as stumble upon some terrific blogs and i'm thrilled to have taken part in this blogger mashup.

my post today follows that of kathleen’s over at twig + thistle. (take a look at what she had to say yesterday as well as check out her cute stationery shop.) it also wraps up my group for this "pin it forward" series.

entitled “home is what the heart loves,” this hand-etched heart on a well-loved chair perfectly sums up my thoughts - and whets the whistle for what i've include on my pinboard. (i only wish i would have snatched this soulful beauty up at the flea long ago...).

like this glimpse, you'll see that the majority of images curated for my pinboard are those of my own. i figured there was no better way to way to show what home means to me than to highlight those things that i’ve seen via my own lens.

so please click here to see my pinboard: my mashup of things that speak to me, move me, delight me or inspire me....




note it:

"nothing gives me pleasure" by josh rouse

(photo credit: lissa lowe)


Fringe said...

It just doesn't get any sweeter than that etched heart. I look forward to checking out your pinboard. Thank you for sharing!

It was wonderful to "meet" you...


lissa lowe said...

you too! it makes me smile that you checked it out. my heartfelt stuff. let me know what you think. :-)

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