Jun 29, 2010

TABLETOP TUESDAY - missoni-esque

the other day i went shopping for a client of mine for tabletop. a seaside cottage in the woods, this "sleep shed" as we call it is a bit magical...dare i say, even mystical.

constructed of handpicked redwood, it is rustic on its exterior and boho eclectic with a smidge of romanticism thrown in for good measure on its interior. (trust me, wonderful photos will soon come.) TLC oozes out of its every groove.

anthropologie's stuff perfectly fits the kitchenette bill by adding to its old-world stylishness. the finds:

~ latte bowls in turquoise, grey, white + orange ($5 each). unifies hues across all tabletop and jibes with our overall color palette.

~ patch nyc tidbit plates (i covet these - and may have to go pick some up for myself! in store, on sale for $3.95 each from $14).

~ island time juice glasses in (on sale for $7.95 each from $12)

~ ecureuil plate ("squirrel") designed by parisian artist nathalie lete ($24 - we are actually hanging it on the wall. makes the "sleep shed" feel that much more fairy tale...)

~ pale jade tinted glass "milk/leche/latte" glass (in store, $4 each).

sigh, aren't the plates just so missoni-esque? (and who doesn't love brand ambassador margherita?!). despite my bias, i do think the interrelation of patterns and color is just so fab...the "sleep shed" is going to be simply splendido!

note it:

(photo credits: lissa lowe)

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Julie Vetter said...

It is a sunny morning in Paris. I am reading Spruce Décor and drinking my café crème out of the very same orange latté bowl! They are such a French comfort vessel it was a delight to see them being used in a California seaside retreat. You have such a perfect touch. I would feel totally at home here and can't wait to see more photos!

Also, the plate with the squirrel is adorable. If not on the wall, it should definitely hold noisettes (hazenuts) The word for squirrel (écureuil) is one I hope to be able to pronounce correctly some day!

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