Jun 9, 2010

HUE: sunny yellow

what a cute house!

crisp white, black trim, sunny door, graphic house numerals, inviting "green" porch. would be easy to spruce-it-yourself (the door, porch, numbers and plants, anyway...).

here are some yellow paints to peruse:

get those fantastic "neutra" house numbers here at dwr - on sale too for $40 each!

(man, i swoon for richard neutra, an unbelievable architect. the kaufmann house in palm springs is simply stunning. one of my most favorite houses ever...i'm all about the glass.)

find gardening tips from margaret roach's blog "away to garden." after all, she used to work for martha. and this house is from martha's former magazine, blueprint.

what 'cha waiting for? perk up.

note it:

(photo credits: sadly, the now defunct blueprint/house + thisnext.com/neutra numbers)

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