Apr 1, 2010

HUE: lovely by the sea

i've been thinking a lot about soft pink these days....so much so that this palette is one that my client and i are considering for her seaside cottage in mendocino.

these remind me of the weathered hues of a home tucked away in the hills of the south of france.

i imagine this hideaway filled with well-loved furnishings and "found" objets d'art, treasures of the every day.

where the inspired hues of "chinchilla," "cumulus cloud," "sparkling brook," "opal," "sea glass," "spring melt," "sugared pansy pink" and "wrought iron" come to rest.*

it would be a place that shows its age and yet its timelessness too.

its soul revealed as layers of plaster chip away.

i wish it were mine...and in my mind's eye, it is.

note it:

(photo credits: pottery+sofa images/essentially french, tidepool/unknown; sea glass/waterside living. hues cited are from the martha stewart living paint collection at home depot)

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