Apr 14, 2010

GREEN IT: driftwood

i swoon over these handmade driftwood mirrors!

the first longer limbed beauty is situated between two windows in the lovely living room of self-taught designer + entrepreneur kit kemp, the brains behind the amazing firmdale hotels in the uk and new crosby street hotel in nyc. (i am such a fan of her work that - if i could - i would stay at each + every one of her properties).

another show stopper in her home: the needlepoint on the golden upholstered chairs - so uniquely gorgeous! i am smitten with both the vision + the artistry.

next, i found this smaller twigged bathroom mirror in domino. the ombre curtain (or you could use simple hemp or burlap) is great choice. crisp white fixtures and tiles feels modern + clean - literally and figuratively - especially when contrasted with deep chocolate walls.

back to my original point: the driftwood. can you imagine how cool it would be to make your own mirror with branches salvaged from personal beach vacations?

hit shopstyle to quickly find your wood.

note it:

(photo credit: home by stafford cliff + domino)

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