Feb 6, 2010

SATURDAY'S SPOONFUL - a small dose of sugar, spice + everything nice

i have always admired the craftsmanship of jewelry designer helen ficalora. her charms, ringbands + earrings have always been so simple and organic in form, inspired by nature.

ms. ficalora has long been charitable. proceeds of many of her charms have gone to such worthy causes as breast cancer, parkinson's, canavan disease and families with medical needs.

imagine my happiness that she has now designed a necklace devoted to ovarian cancer research. this lovely design, the logo of the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, is now available online. the charity near and dear to my heart.

thank you, thank you, thank you!

i hope to proudly wear one soon....

(p.s. "c" can also stand for "charlie," my little son. my mom would be so pleased....i miss you mom.)

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