Feb 3, 2010


i had some free time today so i hit one of my favorite shopping spots in san francisco: anthropologie.

i'm just never disappointed there. the clothes, the shoes, the home décor, the books, the displays....everything is so fantastically styled, you can't help but want to purchase galore in the store.

today i spied this awesome art. i stopped in my tracks at the trompe l'oeil + took snaps of these vintage oil canvases that have been repurposed into mixed media masterpieces.

how? artist leslie cachmann made strategic but subtle cuts in the canvases where she then inserted contemporary fabric. ingenious.

feels euro + they are just plain cool.

note it:

(side bar: i did try to find leslie but, alas, no luck with google. each canvas is $398. call the store for more details. photo credits: lissa lowe)

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