Jan 12, 2010

TABLETOP TUESDAY - ponder pots

why not consider a collection of creamy white pottery this year?

all you need to do is gradually acquire inexpensive vases, candlesticks, bowls, compotes, what-have-you at yard sales, fleas, thrift stores, art galleries + boutiques. stuff that strikes your fancy.

remember though: it's best to mix the high with the low. keeps people wondering what's old and what's new....what you'll add next. (and you can arrange this stuff six different ways to sunday!)

displayed as a grouping with varied shades of green flowers, veggies and fruits, it makes for subtle tabletop.

yep, ponder pots.

they're pretty + practical. and in today's economy, that's pretty practical.

note it:

(photo credits: lissa lowe/pottery + mary emmerling/dining room)

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