Jan 17, 2010

GIVE IT: stray dog designs haitian relief fund

i've always been a fan of stray dog designs. particularly their wonderful, whimsical handmade papier mache "objets d'arf" in juicy shades of low VOC paint.

i didn't realize - until an email arrived today - that many of the designs - like these birds - are made by artisans in haiti.

i now find a new face on these lovely goods.

my white bird memorializes those lost - and those that will be found.

please consider supporting the "Stray Dog Designs Haitian Worker Relief Fund." the company will match 50 cents on every dollar donated, up to $10,000. bring their family home. or send to:

Stray Dog Designs
611 E. 11th St.
Chattanooga, TN 37403

in peace....

note it:

(photo credits: stray dog designs)

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