Jan 3, 2010

fun + games

games have become a b-i-g deal in our little household.

so much so that this holiday we decided to establish "family game night" as our evening ritual. it gives us time to hang out + entertain each other before our three year old's bedtime.

tonight, we just finished playing eeboo's animal bingo with charlie.

v-e-r-y competitive + a whole lot of f-u-n!

if only we had a fabulous place to put our stash (e.g., hi ho! cherry o, candyland, chutes and ladders, go fish, crazy 8s). something accessible. something enclosed. something as spirited as the games themselves!

wouldn't this colorful media case be great for storage? handmade + available in 40 yummy colors like "tomato," "pickle" and "good egg" from maine cottage. i love their craftsmanship, commitment to quality and zesty palette. you will too.

now go grab your board and b-i-n-g-o!

(photo credits: maine cottage + amazon)

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