Dec 31, 2009

NOTE IT: my heartfelt toast

i was one of the lucky ones who lived in san francisco on valentine's day in 2004. on this day, a citywide outdoor "heart exhibit" launched. its hope was to raise $1 million for the san francisco general hospital foundation as well as to honor our open-hearted city.

fanciful hearts started popping up everywhere!

it was magical....

this one - entitled "seismically shaken" - was designed by tim yankosky + rich stangl. placed in front of momo's at pacbell park, it served as a visual pun in front of a bar in our city of earthquakes. i thought its simplicity as well as its placement was clever so snapped it! (it's still there.)

all of the heart sculptures were as diverse as the artists who conceived of and created them (other hearts here).

i encourage you to see the commemorative book too: "hearts in san francisco." it is a lovely retrospective filled with hope, gratitude, renewal, persistence and resilience.

i figured today was a great day to share this wonderful installation.

in thinking about the next year and decade, it strikes me how different - yet similar - we all are. shouldn't we celebrate + embrace uniqueness....and be inspired by it? we each have a beating heart.

ring in a heartfelt new year with people you love.

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