Dec 21, 2009

MAKEOVER MONDAY - the milk carton (part 1)

it's not too late to make a gingerbread house....

in our home, charlie (3 1/2 years) + i decided to make new york city dwellings (the most festive city during the holidays, i think).

three in all: tribeca loft, gramercy park high rise, single family manse on the upper east side.

the frustal décorista in me cleaned out milk and cream cartons to build our city - frosted with good ol' duncan hines in a can.

graham crackers fashioned the facade.

embellishments included peach rings, sprinkles, marshmallows, dots, twizzlers, sweet tart candycanes and one lone peanut m+m for each doorknob (we chose to eat the bag!).

it's not too late to whip up your own creations for your holiday tablescape.

got milk?

(click here for our candy city.)

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