Dec 6, 2009

BOOK IT: pink plaid

wouldn't this be fun wrapping paper?

i scanned it from the inside cover of "houses in my heart" by carleton varney who is the protege of famed decorator dorothy draper.

i purchased my autographed copy at the greenbrier, before it sold (one of these days, i'll post some snaps of my trip).

after WWII, draper was commissioned to redecorate the interiors of this storied hotel in white sulphur springs, west virginia. in her colorful, whimsical decorating style, her transformation was sheer genius - and very progressive for its time (still is!). she was the coco chanel of interior design.

fun fact: this project was the single largest hotel renovation ever achieved, requiring 45,000 yards of fabric and 15,000 rolls of wallpaper.

varney was her right hand man - and an amazing designer in his own right. not only did he carry on draper's legacy with on-going restoration of the greenbrier, he also crafted glorious interiors himself as chronicled in this gorgeous book.

(i personally think varney should create a line of stationery + paper goods to showcase his lovely pattern + color combinations including those of ms. draper...).

why not wrap this coffee table tome up with a shiny satin bow and give it to one of your decorista friends this christmas? it's a fab gift even without the pink plaid....

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