Oct 1, 2009

BIKE IT: freewheelin'

a modern day version of the horse + buggy, "freewheelin' farm" is such a cool - and forward thinking - concept for a CSA (a.k.a, community supported agriculture). 

three farmers have banded together to create this CSA where members (folks like you and me) purchase a "share" of the farm and share its harvest. food is transported by bike + trailer to reduce petroleum consumption too!

in their own words, "freewheelin’ farm is at the forefront of the growing movement towards community renewal, addressing issues of environment, health, and social equity in a simple and delicious way!"

seasonal goodness in oh-so-many respects....hopefully other farms + communities across america will develop similar programs. would be bountiful and beneficial for all.

p.s. if you live in northern california, check out the "4th annual freewheelin' farm art show" on october 24 that features local artists and fun food + music. shucks, i hate to miss it!

(photo credit: freewheelin' farms)

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