Sep 8, 2009


i'm helping a friend out with wedding planning + i think this glass "cube tube" bud vase is really cool.

measuring 3" x 3" x 3" inches, you could use one - or a few - on the table at your next dinner party.

in fact, i'd even use them at a wedding reception. imagine them en masse lined up on a long farm table with a gorgeous single bud inside (e.g., orchid, peony, gerbera daisy). loads of twinkling glass votives would pepper the table too and fill the void space.

simple + modernly elegant....and affordable.

(by the way, i think a sit-down wedding that serves fabulous food "family-style" would be surprising for guests, less fussy + more fun than the traditional!)

these lovelies can be had for $10 each at urban indigo.

(photo credit: urban indigo)

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