Sep 16, 2009

a nod to betsey - girls do just wanna have fun!

as a nod to betsey johnson, i quickly ripped + scanned this image out of an old flor catalog: hot pink, sizzling orange, lots of stripes, glossy black, touch of glam.

of course, this ad needs more F-U-N injected into it, but you get the point....i do love the ghost chair there (kartell even makes it kiddie size.)

anyhoo, she just threw a fab party at the plaza during fashion week. with NO runway. just fab clothes on frolicking fab girls, sipping champagne through pink straws + having a ton 'o fun (hey, isn't there a song about that? ha.) so rock + roll chic!

ever youthful, LOVE her vision + fancy her frocks.

ms. johnson always rocks it!!! other betsey johnson news, she is creating a suite at the plaza as a tribute to eloise. her first hotel collaboration, i'd be tickled pink to lodge there. can't wait to see it!

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