May 3, 2009

PILLOW OF THE MONTH: alena hennessy

ok, it's pillow of the month + more....

admittedly, i have a big heart for north carolina artist, alena hennessy.

first up, her intricately woven "mirabel terre" chocolate pillow. loomed in the southeast, this lovely textile suits many a location.

next, her completely green "queen anne" + "tree on heather" organic baby rib cotton scarve designs. printed with earth friendly inks, they are not only environmentally responsible, but snuggly too. they make the perfect wrap for a night out on the town or a cuddle on the couch.

last, alena's gorgeous hand-signed, numbered "grace & elegance giclee print. if you choose, this piece of art can arrive on your doorstep readily framed in chocolate maple with an oversize white mat + can be hung in minutes.

(it's living room décor in one box!)

one thing is for certain: you'll be proud as a peacock - and yet feel quietly grounded - to have these beauties in your home.

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