Apr 16, 2009


hello there!

sorry for my week of no posts. my excuse: a week long road trip with my son where i had little free time. our destination: surfside beach, south carolina. yes, it's true. the two of us drove 24 hours round trip from ohio to south carolina with an overnight pit stop in west virginia. the (sanity) secret: moseying. yep, we took our good 'ol sweet time on the road - stopping here and there with no real plan in mind. so keep coming back to read more about our latest adventure....and see some fun snaps.

on a separate note, i am in quick need of a cute get well gift for a special friend. it's gotta be something girly, something distracting, something cheery. i think this sparkly "tic, tac, toe set" from san francisco's toss designs perfectly fits the ill bill (not to mention a coffee table or desk).

until tomorrow,
lissa xoxo

(photo credit: toss designs)

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