Mar 7, 2009

SATURDAY'S SPOONFUL - a small dose of sugar, spice + everything nice

since i am in the throes of potty training, i am going to share with your my organizational secret: bread & budder buckets

bless my little guy's heart, i use a medium size bucket for stashing rolls of tp. (i mean, honestly, if it's out there it might as well look good!)

wrapped in an assortment of decorative fabrics (even some vintage too), these multi-purpose galvanized steel beauties can hold many a thing. in fact, i find a low round bucket is perfect for holding design books in my home office. it's just a matter of using your utilitarian imagination...and having fun with it.

if you live in cleveland, i bought mine at three.home in chagrin falls. if not, click here for store locator info.

why not colorfully contain your clutter?

on that note, why not purchase a bunch of these buckets + use them as gift packaging? your recipient will love to be able to repurpose it. on their own, they also make a great hostess gift.

(photo credit: bread & budder buckets)

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