Jan 16, 2009

FUN FRIDAY - box car

after traveling to atlanta, it was mommy-ing time.

inspired by my friend who made both a government approved blue mailbox (complete with stenciled letters) and a custom brick house (fashioned with windows + a door), charlie and i decided to build a semi-fancy "racing car" (recall his christmas wish from santa....).

using a toilet paper holder for the tailpipe, a mailing tube for the steering column, lots of card stock and some velcro for our car key holder, we cut, pasted + colored....we even incorporated some ayomi yoshida stickers on our hubcaps (a must have: driving décor).

our effort was, well, speedy. now he's off to drink some victory milk....

(photo credit: lissa lowe)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

my son used to sit in boxes and drawers.

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