Jan 23, 2009

THE "WRITE" STUFF - a birdie told me...

did you know that today is national handwriting day?

ahhhh, my heart is aflutter. letter writing is such a lost art. and while i blog (+ email + facebook), i put pen to paper as often as possible.

one of my fave card designers: andy pratt. an illustrator + graphic designer in new york city whose collection of cards + signed ultrachrome digital pigment prints are colorful + fun. some are even spot on (with 100% recycled french paper + 100% biodegradable or recyclable soy or corn inks).

if you live in chicago, stop by renegade handmade in wicker park for some great picks. that's where i bought my stash.

now get off your PC and post!

(photo credit: andy pratt)

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