Dec 29, 2008

MAKEOVER MONDAY - 'yo, 'yo, yolo

with 2009 right around the corner, it's never to early to start thinking about sprucing up your digs.

uplifting, understated or unabashed, paint is your friend.

thankfully, in today's somewhat toxic world, yolo colorhouse is worth befriending. 

hailing from portland (or), yolo bases their richly colored clay paints on our natural world: air, grain, leaf, water, stone, clay + petal. 

bountiful, yolo's interior palette includes 40 zero-based VOC hues. each is environmentally friendly, durable + washable. exterior paints are also in the can. 

they even have paints designed for the rooms of your wee ones with their little yolo line. could the "sprout" collection be any cuter?

another nifty thing about yolo is that they sell giant poster-size color swatches coated with real paint + repositionable tape that lets you move colors from room to room. no muss. no fuss. 

once you pick a hue, purchase online or at a dealer near you.

 'yo 'yo, grab a brush!

(photo credits: yolo colorhouse)

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