Nov 10, 2008

mushroom mania! (day 5)

to celebrate foraging season and "mushroom mania," here's a "MAKEOVER MONDAY" to get mushy about:

if you're like me, you admire beautiful baubles from afar. sparkly things can enliven the simplest outfit + make a girl glow.

available at twist, this gorgeous creation reminds me of a crop of tiny mushroom caps. organic in form, a ring comprised of 18 kt gold + a grid of asymmetrical iridescent rainbow moonstone. looks very earthy and yet ethereal too. 

with the holidays around the corner, it would be quite a spluge, but a statement too...enough to turn any heart into mush.

fun fact: 
this ring is part of a collection designed by pippa small, a medical anthropologist + jewelry designer who is intrigued by the cultural ways of being in the world. over the last few years, she has merged her two passions + developed craft initiatives with artisans in indigenous communities, like the batwa pygmies of rwanda + the kuna in panama, to help them become self-sufficient and earn a living. a gem of worldly goodness.

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