Oct 15, 2008

wallpaper wednesday

i have a client who favors neutrals. when asked what color she wants on her walls, she chirp-ily replied, "white." 

love that.

while i do enjoy color, i am really digging subtlety right now. sometimes it's nice when color whispers.

we've decided to look at wall coverings in neutral tones that have interesting texture and/or pattern. 

here are a few from stacy garcia (sold through york) that are winking at me right now: 

~ background - metallic paper with sisal threads running through it. could be gold; could be silver. depends on the light.
~ left - iridescent grey paper with slightly raised pattern in modern scroll.
~ right - iridescent pale gold paper with a fern motif made of sand.
~ foreground - soft gold paper with a barely etched pattern showing a mod-ish vine motif made of tiny beads.

my client lives in miami. let's hope she agrees + that the hot sun hasn't gone to her head.

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