Oct 13, 2008

MAKEOVER MONDAY - talavera "hilaria"

i got such a giggle when i saw this frog 'fro on display at eton in cleveland.

manicured by eagle creek, the landscaping of this shopping plaza is lovingly tended and unique.

you too can add a bit of fall humor on your front stoop with some talavera, a style of painted pottery from mexico. 

also considered a form of majolica, it's made from blending clays with water to sculpt forms. from there, it is first baked where it turns "jahuete," a reddish-orange color. artisans then paint and decorate the art before it is fired one last time to seal the piece. you can find a similar frog (+ more) online at la fuente

wouldn't it be fun to fill its head with a bunch of colorful mums? "hilaria!"

(photo credits: lissa lowe/talavera; mum shot/noded)


Leslie L said...

Love the frog, thanks for all the great tips - you have such great ideas!

Kim said...

Yay for recycled paper!!

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