Sep 16, 2008

TABLETOP TUESDAY: dear derian,

as expected, the john derian collection for target hit the mega-retailer's shelves on september 14. trust me, it was quite challenging to find out if any of the cleveland-metro stores were even carrying the line (john, who?).... argh.

hooray! today, i successfully scored the LAST two pieces on the end cap in mayfield heights. for less than $20 per piece, these "decoupage" dishes are a classic eclectic addition to your kitchen, home office or den. great for entertaining or catching-all. 

rush out today to buy yours (the vintage orange oval tray is mine not derian's melamine). the supply definitely won't last.

1 comment:

Kat said...

So fun - I LOVED these! Of course, I had never heard of John Derrian (that's what you're for.) I found the black and white letter piece misplaced at a Target in Cincinnati and was so excited for the score.!

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