Sep 11, 2008

lion, hear me roar!

midwest must: today's post was inspired by the cleveland metroparks' zoo education class that my son and i attended last week. the class focused on african safari, hence the lion mask he made  (i almost hate to mention these classes...incredible bargain, incredibly entertaining for my two year old + me). 

i find the zoo to be therapeutic (i.e, speaks to the kid in me) and inspirational (i.e., beckons the creative in me). i'm sure i'll speak a ton about the zoo in future posts.i always imagine the animals in their native environments, frolicking + foraging...they continue to amaze with their beauty + wilderness smarts.

(side note: when i asked charlie today what the reindeer had on their heads, he matter of factly said, "trees." wouldn't you know...those antlers DO look like trees! ahhh, the wonderment of a child.)

yep, we just love visiting the zoo. once a week, we gaze at giraffes, gape at gorillas, + growl at lions. as usual, my mind wanders to décor....this day, hermes.

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