Sep 4, 2008

GROW IT: just peachy

these absolutely divine peaches are from green grocer in chicago. a market that features fresh, organic, locally grown food + specialty items. cassie, owner and head stockgirl, sure is knowledgeable about vegetables (and fruits, herbs, grains...) and friendly too!

it's a haven for foodies and "farmies" or locavores (those of us eager to learn about where our food comes from + visit those unique places to meet those folks who cultivate the land).

shop the crop!

midwest must:
i just read about learn great foods who offer culinary farm tours and retreats around illinois, iowa, wisconsion + michigan. destinations include organic beef and dairy farms, fruit/veggie farms, wineries, creameries + local coffee roasters. i'm salivating already + can't wait to sign up!

(photo credit: lissa lowe)

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